landscape thoughts 4

  Lightning can add interest to landscape photos. Don't try to snap the shutter at the instant you see the lightning bolt. This doesn't work because it is too fast, believe me I've tried!  What I did for this shot was watched the electrical storm making its way along the horizon as it was getting dark. I … Continue reading landscape thoughts 4


mountain w/ cloud

landscape thoughts

When making a landscape keep in mind not simply fore, middle and far grounds, spaced neatly into 3rds like horizontal stripes of nature stuff but also how the shadows, colors and highlights flow and meander to interconnect them into a whole fabric of lands in dynamic motion. If successful, the many dimensions of our living … Continue reading landscape thoughts

baked salmon w/ brown sugar glaze

This is how I cook my salmon. My own simple yet delicious recipe based on trial and error over years. add course sea salt to meat to taste cover entire meat side with a generous coating of brown sugar place the salmon, sugar side down, onto a hot heavy cast iron skillet lightly oiled with … Continue reading baked salmon w/ brown sugar glaze

warm and cold

stand out in the scene- dry grass against winter shade the clapping begins  

make amends

      it seemed so important the cone wasn't worth the fight the dust settles

Santa Fe favorite place

Favorite Place WPC Challenge: I make my way to Santa Fe a couple times a month and also I lived there for several years. Part of the charm of this small city and capital of New Mexico that makes it onto my list of favorite places are the the gates, doors and window trim on the … Continue reading Santa Fe favorite place