it's difficult to let go vigor, hope, fun, ambition and social relevance to invite saturn in is really acceptance of death a person weathers and ages naturally accepting it is hard but it gives you color, depth and substance reflection deepens wisdom ripens freedom emerges life will never be the same again thank goodness


nature’s red

natural acts

those who have remained natural whose life exists in a small world of only acts whose language is without grammar all is relationship give and take equally        


there was a time when gods ruled our moods when sadness wasn't a clinical disease called depression but melancholy associated with the god saturn saturn represented the good old days our golden years when saturn reigns those days are past nothing remains for the present or future


the body changes continuously in time aging processes are ongoing the mind changes another process ongoing the soul changes deepening in its own way life begins as a single harmonious being as we grow, we lose our synchronization between body and mind, mind and soul, soul and body a chronic condition of unraveling, a discomfort … Continue reading changes

soulful lures

      the underworld Hades domain this is the home of the soul soul requires a relationship with the underworld attractive things in our world can act as lures trapping us into the depths of our profound self fall into Hades embrace fall into soul

blue pill red pill

arguing distasteful ideas risks legitimizing them but refusing to debate taboos signals weakness the side that’s desperately trying to shore up its taboos by silencing the opposition is losing deconstructing ideas risks assaulting what one thought to be true truth is language language is structured on opposing ideas that create a unique meaning that can't … Continue reading blue pill red pill


as one grows older a time may slip into one's world quietly when the outside world begins to loom too large to see photography comes closer to home becomes a style all its own and the seasons become a count down clock

walking on air

being absent as a condition of being present eyes are colorless mind is empty thus I can see color what is this condition of moving on the wind this weightlessness of letting nature do the work moving in accord with the nature not in opposition not with self consciousness what is this way of no-mind … Continue reading walking on air

earthscape 4331

Albino Hummingbird

Unlikely WPC: photo challenge of something unexpected. This is a very rare bird. A "true" albino. To see him was completely unexpected. To be able to photograph and video him was amazing. After he died, to have him added to the permanent collection by Dr. CC Witt, curator of the bird division, of the Museum … Continue reading Albino Hummingbird

swan song

the sweet sadness of 'aware' of watching natural periods end now-streaming whence from we know not going we know not where

shroud lifts

mountains to the east as the sunbeams penetrate shroud of darkness lifts


old man on a path~ walking with a cane~ tap tap into hills—

true nature

  standing quietly she dwells in pure experience universe touches her    

standing in line

the church is hushed the preacher spits his moral violence exciting people's deepest guilt the redeemed flock stand in line shaking his flaccid hand in gratitude Lines WPC photo challenge "lines"

sunflowers in vase

your everyday thought~ is this not your nature? look at the flower look at your thoughts your mind is enough, quiet and free

three pears

play a game do you play to win or just to play? imagine if you had no fear what would you do?

perishable I am

  look around and see what others do then do it too proliferation is instinctual clichés are a social disease mindless tribal herd hive habituation of acceptance in speech and thought and photography and poetry and movies and songs and fashion but go it alone, blinders installed securely, tunnel vision leave the hive find out you … Continue reading perishable I am

time enough

the wake you make in time is not deterministic the past can't push you nor steer your course    

The advantage of being creative

Can you learn the art of letting things happen? I don't mean being compliant, inactive and inattentive in the face of an event in the Western sense. I mean a skilled form of active psychological no-mind relaxation. Every creative person: artist, musician, dancer, writer, scientist knows this state of dynamic consciousness first hand; an alignment … Continue reading The advantage of being creative

morning coffee

morning coffee~ morning light warms the stucco while coffee warms my hands

my kitchen drawer

my kitchen drawer~ waits patiently for me La Wilson dies at 94 This piece was inspired by reading the obituary of La Wilson this morning in the NYT, an american artist. I imagine my kitchen drawer would be a treasure find of raw materials for this "assemblage" artist.

butterfly and moon

Time is not real~ a social convention to coordinate our activity and predict the return of the butterfly and moon     Smile: the worpress photo challenge

existence is motion

the cloud touches the land the lightning follows its path welding sky to earth   Rise/Set  

the sound of spring

spring begins silently the cottonwood remains still while the crabapple shouts  

sunset of note

Rise/Set desert sunsets can be full of burning energy       the low desert sun- a distant rain smears the light wind ruffles my hair