I enjoy the challenge of photography. Presently I am doing b/w for this blog.

Bob Sebring


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  1. Hi laurel, the reason you couldn’t find the photos we discussed months ago is that I don’t leave older images up for very long. They get really stale for an active blog. I’m sorry, I wrongly assumed you had already downloaded what you wanted shortly after we talked about them. I went ahead and posted some of them again. Click the tab in the header “Agility Trial SDOC” on the home page. As for photography and equip advice I would be glad to share what I know. Please email me with your contact info at sbsebring2@gmail.com and I’ll contact you.


  2. Bob, I met you at Sandia Dog Obedience Club, and I’ve come to your website to find the agility photos that you mentioned, but I’m having no luck. Would you be so kind as to send me the exact address to reach those? I’d appreciate it a lot! Sometime I’d also like to get together and just talk photos. I used to quite a bit of photography, but haven’t for a while and would like to get back at it with newer equipment, etc. Need advice and guidance. Laurel Drew


  3. nice to meet you Michelle. I’ll look at your site soon. By coincidence I wrote a blog not long ago on self-realization. It was focussed on my insight for the spiritual seeker. I wish you well and thanks for showing your appreciation.


  4. Hello Bob, your site is beautiful, and I love that it’s local here of New Mexico–where I live too. You may like my blog (which has photos of New Mexico as well), but is more about a journey of spirit and healing that I took that brought me out here to New Mexico (and is connected to my novel, which takes place in Spain and honors the spirit of the earth): http://www.michadam.wordpress.com


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