Bob Sebring
Bob Sebring

I have experience in scientific, commercial and fine art photography. I live in New Mexico; a poor, rural, culturally diverse state in the high desert Southwest, USA. This blog is for sharing my artistic photographs. I enjoy showing my work and value your reaction and feedback. I’m self taught and have changed with the photography trends over a lifetime. My work is entirely digital and has been since 2002.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. nice to meet you Michelle. I’ll look at your site soon. By coincidence I wrote a blog not long ago on self-realization. It was focussed on my insight for the spiritual seeker. I wish you well and thanks for showing your appreciation.


  2. Hello Bob, your site is beautiful, and I love that it’s local here of New Mexico–where I live too. You may like my blog (which has photos of New Mexico as well), but is more about a journey of spirit and healing that I took that brought me out here to New Mexico (and is connected to my novel, which takes place in Spain and honors the spirit of the earth): http://www.michadam.wordpress.com


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