Bob Sebring
Bob Sebring

I have experience in many forms of photography including scientific, technical, commercial and art.From atoms to mountains and every scale in between. I have won a few photo awards in my day when I was interested enough to enter competition. That’s when I was inspired by the likes of the 20th century photographers including Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Alfred StieglitzDorothea Lange, Brassaï, André Kertész, Paul Strand and Edward Weston to just name a few. As you may notice, these people cover several genre of the art form from landscape to  fashion. Those days are long past. Right now I’m interested in both 21 century photographers who are innovating with new digital technologies but also the great painters that mastered light, shadow and color as well as the abstract expressionists who used saturated color. I am especially interested at this time in the painters such Pollack, O’Keeffe and the color field mythological motifs of Mark Rothko and Joan Miro. Today my interest when I create photographic images lies principally in visual essentials and the emotional content as it relates to our collective unconsciousness (Jung) evoked through color, luminosity, darkness, space and contrasts. How to create emotional spaces with serious themes like tragedy, ecstasy and, of course, the sublime emotional experience of life itself with only two dimensional images.


8 Replies to “About”

  1. nice to meet you Michelle. I’ll look at your site soon. By coincidence I wrote a blog not long ago on self-realization. It was focussed on my insight for the spiritual seeker. I wish you well and thanks for showing your appreciation.


  2. Hello Bob, your site is beautiful, and I love that it’s local here of New Mexico–where I live too. You may like my blog (which has photos of New Mexico as well), but is more about a journey of spirit and healing that I took that brought me out here to New Mexico (and is connected to my novel, which takes place in Spain and honors the spirit of the earth): http://www.michadam.wordpress.com


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